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About us


KANGAROOXSmallSpecialising in English training, GOODSIR
is a team of English language professionals passionate in providing English services to business. We bring the Anglo-Saxon originality  to your training without forgetting professionalism and diligence.

The founder is an Australian citizen, born in Zimbabwe and has lived in four countries on 3 continents. This broad cultural experience combined with 5 years studying education and 6 years teaching experience led to the creation of GOODSIR.

GOODSIR teaching professionals customise the learning content based on the interests and background of their students.

KOALAXSmallFocusing on motivation and involvement, our method adapts the teaching of the client ... and not the reverse.

The courses thus become an intense and lively exchange, which integrates cultural aspects as well as daily life, promoting the pleasure of learning

GOODSIR has the vocation to build lasting relationships of trust, to provide expertise, and equip our clients with English using pragmatic and efficient methods.

We believe that success lies in the dynamics of the relationship between the student and his teacher - our results support this. The ability, originality, and fun to succeed are the lifeblood of our work. Take advantage of our experience and enjoy a relationship of confidence!